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20 Americans who visited Europe share what shocked them the most.

20 Americans who visited Europe share what shocked them the most.


Traveling to another country is often a fun, rewarding, and educational experience, but embarrassing yourself in a moment of culture shock can let everyone in the café know you're the annoying American tourist...

So, when a Reddit user asked, "Americans that visited Europe, what was the biggest shock for you?" people who ventured out of the United States were ready to share their most surprising discoveries.


You can drink a beer anywhere, anytime. I mean I woke up in Berlin and bought a bottle of beer at a small breakfast stand in a park it was like 6am. - CregSantiago


The only thing that really surprised me was how much pedestrians trusted cars to not hit them - MrGoalden


I went to Scotland. Ran across some German tourist who asked us to translate what the scot was saying. We were all three speaking English. They just couldn’t understand each other - ARgirlina


When I ordered a small drink, it was actually small. - HutSutRawlson


The amount of smoking! I have a close friend in Europe, she's talked about the public transportation and the way the cities are laid out to be beneficial to walking and biking. But nothing prepared me for the amount for smoking I saw when I was in Paris, Helsinki, Tampere, and Turku - Bike_Chain_96

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