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20 dads share the advice they wish they had when they became parents.

20 dads share the advice they wish they had when they became parents.


Nothing can truly prepare you for parenthood, but the most helpful advice is going to come from people who've walked the walk.

Being a dad involves tons of situations you could never predict, and emotionally reacting in the healthiest and most measured ways is much easier if you have a basic idea of what to expect.

So, getting the lowdown from other dads who have been through the ringer can be a major asset when entering the new world of fatherhood.

In a popular Reddit thread, current dads shared tips they would give to soon-to-be dads.

So if you fall into the latter category, you may want to take notes.

1. From wdd10:

90% of the toys and accessories ‘you must buy’ will go unused. It’s a cliche but your kid will play with the box more than anything.

I highly recommend books as it’s good learning and bonding time.

2. From Ry-ballz:

You know how they have those commercials that say never shake a baby, and how stupid that sounds, because who the fuck would shake a baby?

There will be a time, probably when you're more tired than you've ever been, where you will not be able to calm the baby. You'll have fed the baby, burped the baby, changed the baby, walked around with the baby, but still the baby will scream. You won't know what to do, and you won't have help. It won't make logical sense, and you may feel rage start to come over you.

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