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20 of the funniest posts kids being picky eaters.

20 of the funniest posts kids being picky eaters.


It doesn't matter how delicious a meal is, sometimes you just don't feel like eating it, and few are more fickle about their cravings than young children.

In the span of five minutes it's not uncommon for a toddler to go from begging for a snack to weeping about how that very snack 'looks weird' or doesn't feel the same emotionally, and while this can be a frustrating dynamic in the long-term, it makes for some very funny exchanges.

The Instagram account My Kid Can't Eat This was created with the sole purpose of capturing the most absurd reasons children refuse to eat their meals, and it's truly a beautiful feed of ridiculous.

While there's a full feed of posts to wade through, I gathered 20 of my favorites for you to enjoy as you kick off the weekend in quarantine.

1. TFW your toast looks too much like a bunny, and eating bunnies makes you sad.

2. When you realize the bats are fake and proceed to weep.

3. Broken carrots, even in artistic lay-outs, are absolutely unacceptable.

4. TFW mom wants you to eat shells, which obviously belong in the ocean.

5. TFW edible Elmo looks demonic.

6. TFW seeds are a deal-breaker.

7. Who among us wants to contribute to the suffering of drowning gummy bears?

8. TFW the carrots legs are too real to gnaw on.

9. Some meals are too cute to consume.

10. Some kids just want to bite off some heads and watch the whole meal burn.

11. Mickey pancakes require a warning.

12. TFW mom turns your cherries into olives without asking you first.

13. What kind of monster puts two different foods on one plate?!

14. The truth is tough for all of us.

15. Wasting food feels like a fitting way to celebrate America.

16. TFW the cereal simply cannot get soggy enough.

17. Nobody wants hair in their food, even if it's the design on the plate.

18. TFW the bacon is LARPing as shrimp.

19. A popsicle with ICE on it?! No ma'am.

20. Who among us is eager to eat eyes?!

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