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20 funny and honest posts from people coping with roommates during quarantine.

20 funny and honest posts from people coping with roommates during quarantine.


Living with roommates during quarantine can be the absolute best or worst of times, depending on your relationship.

Cabin fever isn't nearly as bad if you're friendly with your housemates and able to come up with creative ways to pass the time during quarantine. Conversely, if you already had tension with your roommate before COVID-19, it's likely the global crisis isn't making dynamics any easier.

For better or worse, people have been posting on social media about how lockdown with roommates is going.

Here are just a few examples of what quarantine with housemates looks like, and the experiences run the gamut from delightfully wholesome to homicidal.

1. This creative roommate Easter celebration.

2. This roommate's failed attempt at breakup comfort.

3. This roommate's next level passive aggression.

4. This roommate's work from home attire.

5. This relatable exchange.

6. This roommate scaring technique.

7. The dancing roommates.

8. This roommate's birthday cake.

9. These roommates flipping the switch.

10. This amicable deal between roommates.

11. This mega Easter gift.

12. This creative fix for a broken phone.

13. TFW your roommates don't socially distance AND have bad taste.

14. This violent roommate fantasy.

15. This form of roommate romance.

16. This roommate trying to not smash the TV.

17. This wholesome roommate birthday action.

18. This roommate who doesn't know how to make hot pockets.

19. These homicidal feelings.

20. Last but not least, this visual representation of what quarantine does to roommate relationships.

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