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20 people share the craziest or weirdest way they made a new friend.

20 people share the craziest or weirdest way they made a new friend.


The best friendships sometimes start in the least expected ways.

Meeting someone under weird circumstances can cause you to bond quicker, and regardless of whether you have a light friendship or become ride-or-dies, the story lives on.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared the craziest way they've ever made a new friend, and the stories truly run the gamut.

1. From The_Doctor_Of_Dice:

I dropped my sword off a bridge and she somehow caught it.

I was on my way to an event while open-carrying my English broadsword. As I was walking, my sword frog broke and it fell off the bridge. She was walking under the bridge and happened to catch the sword as it fell. We got to talking and have been friends for a few years.

It was in its scabbard. So it wasn't an unsheathed blade.

2. From RStilesVol:

We ate summer sausage at a Boy Scout trip where we were not having a good time. Didn’t talk the whole time. Just fed him like a baby. Didn’t see him after that, we went to different schools. 10 years later, sitting in freshman algebra when someone taps me on the shoulder and followed up with “you got anymore summer sausage?” He was the best man at my wedding and is still my best friend today.

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