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20 people share the dumbest rule in their Home Owners Association.

20 people share the dumbest rule in their Home Owners Association.

When you think of the dystopian manicured lawns of The Stepford Wives, and all the horrifying sameness that conceals the grim secrets of the suburbs, it can feel as if there is an invisible force of gravity causing every house to look identical. Well, technically there is.

Anyone familiar with the innerworkings of a Home Owners Association already knows about the draconian and meticulous rules associated with HOAs. In some cases, it's a basic matter of keeping your yard relatively clean and offensive decorations out of the windows. But some HOAs take things a step farther and ban certain colors, measure the length of grass, and generally function like a collective helicopter parent.

In a popular Reddit thread, people in HOAs shared the dumbest rule in their Home Owners Association, and the roast jokes truly write themselves.

1. From L_bird:

House in the neighborhood caught fire. Luckily everyone was okay (they had small children), but the fire burnt a hole in the side of the house.

While waiting for it to be repaired, the family covered the hole with a blue tarp to prevent rain from getting in and causing more damage.

HOA fined them because the tarp was an "eyesore."

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