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20 people share the 'incredibly American' things that seem weird to non-Americans.

20 people share the 'incredibly American' things that seem weird to non-Americans.


Americans are infamous for being loud or shockingly friendly tourists in other countries, aggressively patriotic, and sometimes confused about what is and isn't unique to the United States...

No, even our beloved apple pie wasn't invented in America. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's an incredibly American thing that Americans don't realize is American?' people were ready to share the stereotypes, traditions, or not-so-universal behaviors that scream 'I'm from the United States.'


I used to work in a call Center that took calls from Americans and Canadians. I’d ask “Where are you from, Canada or the US?” Canadians would say “Canada” and American would say “Texas” or “New York” etc. Never ever would they reply with their country name. - fancyllampants-


Mixing three different canned foods together and calling it a casserole. - calls_you_a_bellend


Free refills at restaurants - that1guycalledpeter


Pledging allegiance to the flag or singing the national anthem outside of special events. I went to see a kids talent show in a small rural town, there were maybe 8 acts and 30 people watching and they all stood and pledged allegiance to the flag and sang the national anthem before hand. It was extremely strange - _mister_pink


S’mores - was shocked to learn that no one even knew what they are in Europe - trustmeimalinguist


Thanking military people for their service... - gerginborisov


Making pancakes from the box - one_shy_extrovert


American here. When I studied abroad, I was smiling and friendly to strangers. In London they looked like I wanted to steal something from them! - slavname


Sending Christmas cards with their family photo on it. - Presitgious_Lock1659


Fettuccine Alfredo - veeveemarie


Handing your credit card to a stranger, having them walk away, swipe it, then bring it back to like they didn’t just put a down payment on a new house with it… - browncoat47


Prescription drug commercials. - Dhk3rd


Ranch. I never knew ranch was just an American thing until recently. - BlocBoyBaloo


Not including tax on prices displayed in stores. - rubs_tshirts


Am American. When I moved to Australia I was constantly asked three questions:

1 - How do you pronounce 'Aluminum'

2 - How do you pronounce 'Jaguar'

3 - Are red Solo cups a real thing? In all the movies whenever there is a house party everyone has a red Solo cup.

I was caught completely off guard by the Solo cup question. Ever since then I've been very attentive to those damn red cups. They really are everywhere. - A1A5KA


So. Many. Flags. - atomic_combat_wombat


Creating random small talk with strangers - Mona_Moans


Paying $10,000 for a live birth and thinking that's okay - prettypinkpuppy


How all our bread is so sweet that they can be considered cakes in Europe. - MrNewbody


Fraternities and sororities - room_temp_butter

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