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20 people share the items that changed their lives that cost under $50.

20 people share the items that changed their lives that cost under $50.


Most of the things that improve our lives are time-consuming. Taking care of our relationships and bodies takes commitment and persistence, which is why it's so easy to stay on a hamster wheel of frustration instead of making things better.

However, not all life improvements have to be massive and overwhelming. Decisions as simple as buying a helpful tool can make our everyday lives easier, while also imbuing us with a feeling of productivity.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared items under $50 that made their lives easier, and it's a refreshing reminder that not everything effective carries a large price tag.

1. From daplayboi:

Ear plugs for concerts.

2. From zcmini:

A fire extinguisher.

I didn't buy one for the longest time because I thought they were like $100-200. Then I was in Home Depot one day turns out you can get a small one for your kitchen for like $20!

3. From MortalGlitter:

Forearm Forklifts.

They are now pre-housewarming presents for anyone moving. Two people moved a front load washer downstairs and neither of us screwed our backs up in the process. Those suckers weigh a solid couple hundred pounds with the stabilizing weights and are unwieldy to boot but we were able to maneuver it very well with the straps. They are a brilliant invention.

I can't recommend them enough.

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