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20 people share the ‘one rule’ they have that they’ll never break.

20 people share the ‘one rule’ they have that they’ll never break.


We all have personal rules we live by, and while some are more generalized and some are more specific, there are the few that are absolutely non-negotiable.

Even the most free-spirited among us has an internal compass, and the compass can be as simple as one basic rule we swear we'll never break. While a legalistic lifestyle isn't a recipe for happiness, having a basic gauge of your boundaries can be incredibly empowering. Similarly, learning other people's lines in the sand can be both illuminating and through provoking.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared the "one rule" they swear they'll never break.

1. From Sirnando138:

Don’t ever try heroin unless I make it to 80-years-old.

2. From phasestep:

Never drink while I'm feeling negative. Sad, frustrated, angry, etc. Keeps me from self medicating.

3. From neverpokeastarfish:

Never be too proud to say sorry, and if somebody changes my mind, or is right, acknowledge it on the spot and openly. I don’t want a reputation as someone who would is closed minded or thinks I’m always right.

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