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20 people share the random thing a stranger said that they still think about.

20 people share the random thing a stranger said that they still think about.


There are times when a stranger says something so bizarre, surprising, or profound that it sticks in your mind for years.

Strangers are already mysterious simply because you don't know them, so when they say something memorable - no matter how mundane, it carries a cinematic weight that a passing statement from a friend might not.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared the most random thing a complete stranger said to them that they still think about.

1. From OP:

I was on Myrtle Beach walking down the sidewalk at night. I passed a couple of old guys sitting in lawn chairs. As I'm walking past one of them shouts out, 'Hey man, Beyonce or Halle Berry?'

I stopped, turned and looked at him, then looked to the ground rubbing my chin. I looked back at him a said 'Halle Berry' and kept walking. As I was walking away I heard him say 'See man, I told you. Beyonce is played out.'

2. From duoizumi:

Once I was at a bar with a bunch of friends when this dude came up and sat in the stool next to me. I nodded to him and made eye contact, and, after a few moments, he says to me 'I don't know what's going on either.' I guess ever since, I've thought that is just how life is.

3. From kylelap:

Once a little girl at a gas station said to me in a very serious voice, 'You have the wrong shoes.' I felt like i was in a Twin Peaks episode for the next few hours.

4. From radiomojo:

I was walking down the street on my way to meeting a friend for a drink. I'm yapping on my cell phone and my friend asks me something like 'do you wanna go try out some new place or another.' (don't remember what now).

Anyway, I say offhand 'Why the hell not? You only live once.' Out of the blue this woman turns around sees me walks over and whispers in my ear ' You are going to be SO surprised.' Then she walks away.

5. From Sysiphuslove:

I got caught up in a conversation with a woman at a gas station once, and we got onto the topic of how difficult life could be. (I was living in a very poor part of town at the time, waitressing, but still ghetto poor.) At some point in the conversation she said, '...there isn't any value in suffering, you know. It's not worth anything, really.'

It silenced me, not a very common thing. By the time I got home I was in tears, and it took me almost two years to really absorb and understand that concept. I had placed so much value in the things I went through, it was hard to hear all of it dismissed that way...and to know, on some level, that she was right. Maybe.

6. From slalomskier:

I was walking by Grand Central Station in New York City when a homeless guy looked at me and said, 'Nice Legs'

I was a pasty white 16-year-old boy who was a little overweight. I have never been the same.

7. From LApillpusher:

I gave a homeless guy 10 bucks, and he told me, 'I have a pet caterpillar. I'm taking him to the store.'

8. From emmatron:

I was walking to work one morning and as I was crossing the street this homeless woman with meth teeth stepped in my path and said 'HAHAHAHA I'm not going to let the machines tell ME what to do!' I couldn't think of anything to say except 'Oh, good.'

9. From taikotiger:

'I think one of your eyeballs is bigger than the other. Please get it checked out.'

She said it with such conviction that I actually did get it checked out, but turned out to be nothing.

10. From BubbleDragon:

My husband (then boyfriend) and I were walking back to his apartment after rollerblading one day. Tired, sweaty, etc. Out of the blue, a bird pooped on his head. He was so shocked that he proclaimed it loudly to the next person he saw, who happened to be an older lady tending her teeny little city garden. 'A bird pooped on my head!!' She nodded sagely and said, 'Oh, that's good luck!'

11. From dpzdpz:

I was in the senile wing of an old folks' home one time. There was this old lady who was sitting in the hallway, pretty much shouting 'Hurry up!' to each and every person who walked by.

Except when I walked by. She looked me in the eye and said, 'Ohhh, you'll get yours.'

Chilled me to the bone. I wish I had stuck around longer to see if she said that to other people as well...

12. From danialjacob:

On a train from Tokyo to the countryside, I was sitting next to one of those impossibly old Japanese men, while reading and enjoying a cold coke. When two older women boarded, I arose to let them sit together. A good 30 minutes later they departed and again I sat down next to this very old man. He smiled at me and in the worst English he said 'very nice'. I smiled back.

Fifteen minutes later he rose to depart the train, looked at me, pointed to my coke and said 'That will melt your bones'. I've not had a coke since.

13. From someguy9:

Random guy walks up to me and my friends and asks 'Hey man you wanna buy a snake', and he actually had a bag w/ something moving in it.

14. From amylynne321:

A few years ago during college...I was walking into a bar with some friends when an older man (he was probably early 40's) who was a complete stranger steps in front of me (early 20's). He practically yells at me, 'Wait! I love you!'

For a moment, I feel like everyone in the bar is looking at me waiting to see what I will do, including his drunk a** friends (and I'm a bit shy) so I pause momentarily as I think how I can get out of this embarrassing situation, and then I say; 'I love you too, Dad!' It was awesome.

15. From Media_Offline:

One time, when I was newly married my wife and I met this guy who said 'for a successful marriage you only need to know one sentence... I'm sorry, you're right.' We all laughed.

Over the years my wife and I have both had to admit that even when I think I am right, saying that sentence instead of expressing my frustration can do wonders to diffuse a little tiff.

16. From prototypist:

A guy sitting next to me on the plane, who looked like Wolf Blitzer, watched as I lost my cellphone under the seat. When we landed, the cell phone slid forward to where I could reach. Blitzer-dude said, 'sometimes problems resolve themselves' in a wise voice. Very Zen.

While waiting for the bus out of the airport, I met a nice girl; we were good friends for awhile, dated sort-of. Couldn't help but think Blitzer-dude's advice was prescient.

17. From BrittSprink:

It wasn't technically said to me, but I overheard a guy talking to his friend about needing to get tested because a girl had a one-night stand with him. 'I mean, it was awesome, but I'm not even that good looking. We were right in the middle and I realized, 'S**t, she's done this before, I should've worn a condom.''

18. From eredicatorx:

I was 21 or 22 on sitting on the board walk in...s**t I cant remember where, someplace not far from Camp Lejeune to the north. Anyway as my girlfriend and I who had been dating maybe a week or 2, sat on the board walkish area, an old drunk man stumbled in front of us, stopped blocked our view of the ocean.

He looked at us, then looked at the ocean, looked at us, then looked at the ocean. Then turned to us and pointed a drunken accusatory finger and said 'One of you loves the other so much it hurts...the other is just along for the ride.' Every relationship I have had since that day, I wonder what side I am on.

19. From sanka:

I was in line at the grocery store and an old old man had just paid. He dropped a quarter. I of course picked it up for him, because he didn't look like he'd be able to get back up after bending down.

He tells me thanks then says he couldn't have gotten that quarter because he has TB. 'TB? Really?' I say. 'Yeah, you know what TB is?' he said. I started to say yeah, but he stopped me. 'TB, you know, Tired Balls' he says. 'You'll know what I mean if you reach 93.' The cashier and I could not stop laughing.

20. From lostmykeysonbroadway:

When I was 21, I was walking through a mall in Columbus, Georgia with a couple of Army buddies of mine. We walked by a table where two young women were talking over lunch and one saw me, did a visible double-take, stopped mid-conversation and got up to approach me. She touched me on the shoulder with an amazed smile on her face and said, 'You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen!'

I thanked her and went on my way, not sure how to take the compliment, but in the ensuing 10 years, that one moment has gotten me through more dark times than perhaps any other.

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