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20 people share the sneakiest things they've ever gotten away with.

20 people share the sneakiest things they've ever gotten away with.


There are some situations that call for ultimate stealth.

Perhaps you are hiding from someone and must keep as quiet as humanly possible, or maybe you're sneaking away before someone can see you, whatever the circumstance - the ability to be sneaky can be surprisingly handy.

While we often relegate the skills of sneakiness to professional spies and people living double lives, there are plenty of everyday situations where people bust out their stealth abilities.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared stories of their sneakiest behavior, and it's inspiring and mildly unsettling.

1. From TheLittlestEmo:

When I was a youngin' the family only had one internet capable PC, and it was found in the kitchen. I would pretty frequently sneak out of bed in the small hours of the morning and play around online (in case it isn't clear I'm talking about MASTURBATION).

One night my dad wakes up. I hear him coming down the hall and freak out and hit the monitor power button. If he saw me just standing in the kitchen in the dark the jig was up. Our refrigerator has about a foot, maybe a little less, in space between it and the kitchen counter. My only hope is to squeeze in there and pray he doesn't notice me.

Here's a helpful diagram.

Dad trudges into the kitchen, still mostly asleep, opens the fridge, grabs a beer, and trudges back to his bedroom.

I take another breath a few minutes later, then get back down to business.

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