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20 people share stories of a former friend who crossed a line.

20 people share stories of a former friend who crossed a line.

It can be hard to tell if a friend is toxic or if they're just going through a rough patch, but there are some clear lines that no friendship can come back from.

Watching someone you thought was a friend knowingly exploit you, disrespect you, mistreat others, or reveal their true colors to be manipulative is a deeply painful experience. On top of the grief of losing a friendship, it can make you question your own judgement and whether any of your comradery or connection was real.

While there's not the same language around friend fall-outs as there is around romantic break-ups, these relationship fracture can feel just as - if not more intense.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared stories of a former friend crossing the line, and if you've ever gone through a friend break-up you'll relate to how tough this is.

1. From Avbitten:

She kept acquiring more cats. She couldn't afford to spay/neuter them so they bred and instead of finding them homes kept them all while she continued to buy more and more cats. She was living in the basement of a small town house. The tiny space was about the size of 3 dorm rooms. In this space she had one dog, a bird, and 18 cats. She couldn't afford to feed them all. I tried to help her, and get her food for the cats but she just used my help to justify getting more cats. I made her promise to not get anymore cats until all of her were spayed and neutered. She said yes, then bought two grey kittens. I just couldn't be friends with an animal hoarder.

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