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20 people share stories of the worst dates they've ever been on.

20 people share stories of the worst dates they've ever been on.


Dating exposes you to all different people and experiences, ranging from wonderful to absolutely nightmarish.

While the dream dates are far more fun to experience, the horrible dates make for far more interesting stories to pass around with friends. Plus, sometimes the best way to heal from an unsavory experience is to laugh about it after the fact.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared stories of their absolute worst dates, and it begs the question: is love, sex, and romance even worth all the trouble?

1. From cooldart61:

He took off his pants

After a first date of dinner and a movie he asked if I’d like to “have some fun”

I said No.

He apologized for overstepping himself

I told him “hey, I totally understand and it’s okay!”

Now the confusing part...he took my word “okay” as consent for “I totally want to do sex now”

So he immediately and quickly took off his pants

Such awkwardness when I explained it was still a no.

2. From lilbebele:

He stuck his fingers in my dessert, licked his fingers and did it again!! I ordered a lemon meringue pie and offered him to some, he said “no” only to then proceed to say “actually that looks good” and sticks his fingers in for a taste. Yuck.

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