20 people dish on high school classmates with unpredictable life paths. Your crush is a killer.

20 people dish on high school classmates with unpredictable life paths. Your crush is a killer.

Nearly every high school yearbook is full of predictions about each student's path. Some students are heaped with praise, and voted "most likely to succeed," or "most creative" while others often receive joke titles like "most likely to fall asleep in class" or "biggest class clown."

While these titles just function as playful yearbook fillers to look back on later, they're more interesting to look back on when they're wildly incorrect.

20 people dish on high school classmates with unpredictable life paths. Your crush is a killer.

Regardless of whether it's a bone-chilling horror story or a sunset-meme worthy inspirational tale, who among us doesn't want to hear about people taking a drastic 180 after high school?!

20 people dish on high school classmates with unpredictable life paths. Your crush is a killer.

In a recent Reddit thread people opened up about their high school classmates who took wildly unpredictable paths, and it'll give you both hope and horror for the possibilities of life.

20 people dish on high school classmates with unpredictable life paths. Your crush is a killer.

1. FAT_BELGIAN_BASTARD's classmate had a swift downswoop.

"Very smart guy, but after his parents died, he inherited their house, quit his job, and sat around getting fatter and fatter and finally died of a heart attack at age 48."

2. Krissyeeen's classmate transformed into a swan.

"I knew a girl in high school who was very sweet but very shy. She had very poor eyesight, had some tough dental issues, was overweight, and lived with a foster family in a trailer park. She wasn’t particularly close with anyone in school; I got the sense that she was just trying to make it through —- head down, get it done. But she was always kind and I would talk with her a bit here and there. Mostly she kept to herself and seemed to want to just not be noticed at all."


"After high school, we lost touch. Twenty years later, I get a Facebook request from someone with her name but the picture looks nothing like her. Not even a vague resemblance. I accept because I’m curious. Well, it was indeed her!"

"It turns out that she worked her way through/paid for community college, ended up getting a good job with a family company and worked her way up the ranks there. She saved all of her money. By her late 20s, she saved enough money and had good insurance for eye surgery and dental surgery. She also started really focusing on getting healthy. She said it all boosted her confidence so much that she started traveling around the country. During those travels, she ended up meeting a great guy. She and her husband have a nice family, good jobs, and live in an affluent community."


"She acknowledged that her early years were tough and she had such low self esteem that she had a tough time making friends. She thanked me for always being kind to her. She ended with “I may have blossomed late, but it was worth the wait” I’m so happy for her. We keep in touch."

3. alteredxenon's shy classmate became a successful musician.

"A really nice and shy guy who liked Queen and played guitar a bit. Became a bass-guitarist in #1 rock band in Ukraine.

Edit: it's Okean Elzy. He's not in the band anymore, but has been playing for first 10 years."


4. The jock at D_Shwimm's school became a priest.

"The son of my teacher was a football player, had a beautiful gf (they broke up before he graduated though), and was a procrastinator. Once he graduated, he went to work at a restaurant for a year and as far as I knew, he was going to attend college the next year but he had no idea of what his major was gonna be. I just found out two weeks ago he got accepted to a local seminary and is going to become a priest! I was shocked to say the least."


5. ellean4's slacker classmate made it big.

"Probably the smartest guy in class but never actually paid attention or did his homework. Was always sleeping in class or doing his own thing or goofing off. Recently sold his startup for 8 figures and is now back to goofing off."

6. Gneissisnice's classmate died way too young.

"He was two years younger than me, absolutely brilliant and went to Stanford after high school. Died in his sleep from a heart attack at age 20 while visiting family in China. He had an undiagnosed heart defect. So yeah, that was pretty unexpected. RIP Kevin."


7. Pm_me_instructions's weed dealer BFF is now a medical professional.

"Best friend in high school. His step dad was a district attorney and apparently they didn't get along at all. This was the bible belt south east. I met him in the tenth grade as I smoked weed and he happened to sell it. He lived in a trailer park and financed it with his weed sales. My parents hated him."

"After he graduated from high school while living 100 percent on his own, he did two years of collage before getting accepted in a major medical university program that actually paid him to be there. He is now a pharmaceutical engineer living in Switzerland. My parents were surprised to hear that."


8. Lightning_lad64's classmate blew up.

"Guy who sat behind me in hometown. Was a good student, but not an intellectual superstar by any means. After I relocated to Eastern PA, turns out he was in Western NJ. Multi-millionaire, former CEO of a pharmaceutical company.

Great guy, super happy for him, but truly unexpected."

9. LoseIt_Throwaway92's cousin never thought Dev Patel would make it big.

"Not me, but my cousin in the UK went to school with Dev Patel. Dev was apparently super into the drama club, and people thought he was too over the top, and kind of a try hard that would never actually be a professional actor. His success was definitely unexpected for people he knew back then, based on what my cousin said."


10. pythonic_nonsense's school drug dealer turned into a cop.

"High school meth dealer and local lunchroom pot/cigarette vendor ended up being roomates senior year. two months after graduation they both joined the las vegas PD."

11. Dupragon's classmates didn't turn into their best selves.

"One dude who was always a dick to me but hung out with our friend group got expelled in Highschool for having legit childporn on his phone. He moved cities and I didn't hear from him for years. Turns out he murdered an elderly gay man and is in jail now.

One super shy quiet dude is now doing time for blackmailing girls and posting their nudes."


12. The cheerleader from Coffee_Pl0x's school just got arrested.

"Not really a friend as I didn't run with their crowd, but like at every school there was the really popular girl. Pretty, cheerleader, everybody liked her, wealthy parents, etc... I'm sure you knew someone like that yourself."

"Just maybe two or three weeks ago she got arrested and charged with several felonies for possession of meth, prescription pain killers, and a large amount of weed."

"I moved away from that town years ago and haven't really kept in touch with a lot of the people from there. However a buddy of mine sent me a picture of the report in the newspaper and was like "remember her?" Definitely didn't expect it, that's for sure."


13. barelysentient-'s classmate had a tragic secret addiction.

"Average guy at school. Dead through alcoholism by his mid 20s. It was apparently asphyxiation that got him."

14. wildescrawl has seen both rags to riches and riches to rags.

"There were two that really stand out. One of them was a girl who got in a fair amount of trouble. She skipped school, had a bad attitude and was more interested in hanging out with friends than learning. She ended up becoming a lawyer and eventually became the assistant DA of a city with about 3 million people."


"The other was a nice guy, got along with most everyone, I even considered him a friend and hung out with him on occasion. He came from a great family and while he didn't get the best grades, he was good at things like fixing cars so I assumed he would end up going into that field. Instead, he started a career in drinking. By the time he was 30 he had been in jail several times, in a rehab a couple of times, had been arrested numerous times, had two restraining orders on him from former girlfriends, and had burned so many bridges with his family they had given up on him."


"Now in his mid 40's, he still lives in that same town. He looks like he is in his 60's, is on disability, and likely doesn't have much of a future as he continues to drink himself away."

15. INRNME's crush found what she's good at.

"I had a crush on a girl that was a real sweet, quiet girl. Not long ago saw her picture on the news for boosting cars. She was not so cute anymore."

16. scene_missing's sloppy college friend somehow made it in fashion.


"Not HS, but my best friend’s freshman roommate was a weird guy. Brilliant. Literally 1600 SAT scores, full ride, brilliant, but never really showered. He was dating the sweetest, kindest girl, who dumped him after two months of trying to get him to take better care of himself and actually go out and do anything. We’d try to get him to come out of his shell because he was pretty funny and we liked the guy."

"After not hearing from him for 15 years, we looked him up. Apparently he cofounded Revolve clothing, is a multi millionaire, and parties in Ibiza and shit. I’m genuinely happy for the guy, but I never, ever, expected him to hit it big in fashion."


17. bourbon78's ex-bestfriend is in jail for murder.

"My best friend since I was 5 yrs old, smartest person I ever knew. She went off to college and got into heroin. She is now serving a life sentence for first degree murder."

"She was the mastermind and the getaway driver of a burglary gone wrong. Her accomplices broke into a guy's home they were acquainted with, tied him up and beat the shit out of him. He died of a heart attack sometime during the ransacking of his home or directly thereafter."


18. Erovian_MD's repressed Christian acquaintance got sexually liberated.

"A girl I knew was a strict Christian and floated between groups of friends. Her judgmental side came out from time to time. Once I remember her telling a girl she was going to “burn in the depths of hell” for having sex. I only know this because I was the lucky girl sitting between them when the other girl jumped over me to punch her..."

"Anyway, after high school, I heard she met a guy, stopped being a Christian and wrote all sorts of over sharing sexual statuses on Facebook. They got engaged and were hooked on drugs. She pawned her engagement ring for drugs and lived above a smoke shop out east."


"Good news! She’s now off drugs, married and has a daughter. Still posts over-sexualized photos and statuses on Facebook. We’re good on seeing you in lingerie suggestively laying on your husband..."

19. Dupragon's classmate found his niche lifestyle.

"Dude was the typical cocky douche to most people but we got along well enough. We're 25 now, and he moved to Vegas went bald, put on about a hundred pounds and is dating a sixty year old stripper."

20. DifficultShoulder's smart school friend got caught in a gross habit.


"I had a friend in high school who was high achieving academically. He was in the top classes, very nervous and well behaved in the classroom. Generally he was mostly thought of as quiet and the guy very few people paid any attention to.

He's serving eight years in prison for possession of drugs and child pornography."