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20 people share their most toxic personality trait.

20 people share their most toxic personality trait.


It's easy to paint the world into clear categories of toxic people and emotionally healthy people, but it's not that simple. Most of us have had toxic traits at one point, and even if we don't act toxic all the time, very few people have gone through life without toxic behavior.

The biggest trick to becoming emotionally healthy is to pinpoint your toxic traits so you can root them out.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared their toxic traits, and it opened up a larger discussion about self-awareness.

1. From watchingsunsets:

So many:

No ambition, laziness, Non confrontational and avoidant, shut down during arguments (won’t speak when emotional), low self esteem, people pleaser, paranoia on whether people actually like or just tolerate me, anger issues (especially when stressed).

I think that makes up most of it but of course, there could be things that people see and don't like that I don't even know yet.

2. From Tomatillo-Proof:

Jealousy. Can handle it decently well with good communication but can’t help feeling it.

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