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20 people share the unresolved mysteries in their own lives.

20 people share the unresolved mysteries in their own lives.

When we think of unresolved mysteries we often imagine the crew from Cold Case, or a TV detective of sorts pulling out their magnifying glass and getting to work on a case.

While these grand unresolved mysteries make for great TV, there are plenty of unresolved mysteries on equal par in our own lives. Lots of people have experiences that left them with more questions than answers, and the element of mystery only intensifies with more scrutiny.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared their personal unresolved mysteries, and they're truly fascinating.

1. From Danivelle:

How many times my biofather was married and how many kids he really had. I found his obituary this year and it only mentions two wives. No mention of my mother, me or my sisters.

2. From LanceSniper:

At my childhood home there was a chain buried in our front yard that we found while digging up plastic anti-weed sheets. Because we were digging up the garden I was allowed to see how deep the chain went. I got to around 5ft deep before we started planting over it and I had to fill in the hole. I never found out what it was for, or how deep it went, or what it could be attached to.

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