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20 people share their worst ‘let’s never speak of this again’ moment.

20 people share their worst ‘let’s never speak of this again’ moment.

There are some moments so humiliating and surprising all parties involved decide it's best to never speak of it again.

The combination of shock, shame, and general avoidance can create an impenetrable forcefield around these memories, however, the internet provides an anonymous space to share.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared their worst "let's never speak about this ever again" moment.

1. From bobo007:

Expecting an Ebay purchase, open the box to find Mom's new vibrator. Never ever speak of it again. Never happened. Nice weather we're having today?

2. From flyricky1:

When I was a child, I was at my grandparents place playing hide-and-seek with all my cousins. My cousin and I decide to hide behind the semi-transparent glass door on the shower.

The bathroom door opens and someone walks in. We stay silent in our hiding spot. It turns out that our grandfather, who was not participating in the game of hide-and-seek, needed to take a dump. As we realize what is happening, we have a moment of indecisiveness, looking at each other trying to decide if we should announce our hiding spot. During this moment, grandpa drops trousers, sits down, and starts dropping deuce.

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