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21 Dumb Schemes People Actually Made Money On.

21 Dumb Schemes People Actually Made Money On.


have never attempted to solicit money from the masses online, so I’m not really sure how it works.

I’ve supported friends’ music and film projects in the past, but these stories from AskReddit about people asking for cold, hold cash for the most ridiculous reasons really blew me away. Take a look for yourself!

1. Tinder! For adoptions!

If you’ve ever been on the dating app Tinder, you know it allows you to swipe left if you find a potential mate unappealing, or right if you want to meet up. Well, someone managed to raise $4,000 online to create a similar program. Except instead of adults, you get to swipe left or right on children in your area who are up for adoption.

This proposed idea was called “Adoptly” and was ostensibly meant to speed up the adoption process. In the words of the developers:

“Once you’ve created a parenting profile, simply set your search criteria and Adoptly will instantly filter through our database, bringing the broadest range of adoptable kids straight to your fingertips. Just swipe right if you’re interested, or left to keep looking. And if a kid, through their agency or foster care, likes you back it’s a match.”

All those uncomfortable feelings you’re experiencing right now? Apparently they never occurred to the people who pitched this idea (or the people who funded it).

The campaign fell well short of its $150,000 goal, and that’s probably a good thing. Adoption probably shouldn’t be as easy as arranging a one-night stand in college.

On the bright side, the only comment on the Kickstarter page reads, “No way this is real.” Maybe it was all just an elaborate joke.

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