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21 parents share the 'past life memories' their children have told them.

21 parents share the 'past life memories' their children have told them.


Parents are used to hearing their kids utter some occasionally fantastical nonsense, but enouraging them to tell stories is important to develop their language skills and imagination.

We've all been at a family party only to get stuck with the four-year-old who is deadset on sharing an impresively lengthy saga about a pink giraffe that goes nowhere and ends in you slowly sipping your beer and sighing at your watch. However, when a child looks you in the eye with a wisdom seemingly far beyond their years and tells you a casual fact about their life as a marine, though, you might want to sleep with the light on for awhile.

When TikTok user, Michael Armstrong, shared a wild ride of a story about a child who solved a murder with possible memories of his past life, people were stunned and engrossed.


Reply to @jillbendorovich Imagine if everyone remembered their past lives. 🤯 ♥️ #spiritual #fyp #fpyシ #supernatural #spooky

♬ UFO song (mysterious BGM) - LEOPARD

Of course, his video went viral, but the comment section was particularly magical with many parents eager to find others who have heard similarly creepy stories from their children.

Regardless of your beliefs about death or an afterlife, get ready for some chills!


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