21 people share the most useless facts they know. Koalas have two penises.

21 people share the most useless facts they know. Koalas have two penises.

We all have a few useless bits of information that tends to cling to our brains better than important dates or phone numbers. There's always that one friend who has to point out that tomato is actually a fruit, but not all of us would totally crush a round of Jeopardy. In an era where "alt-facts" are thrown around as truth, sometimes it's difficult to know what is real.

21 people share the most useless facts they know. Koalas have two penises.

When a recent Reddit user asked, "what is the most useless fact you know?" the internet was prepared to pull out their most interesting nuggets of truly useless knowledge. Indulge, scholars!

21 people share the most useless facts they know. Koalas have two penises.

1. This is amazing, "Lauri1605."

When penguins don't know if the water is safe they push their mates in it to check.

2. Woah, "13db."

If you plant a seed from a lemon, you won't necessarily end up with a lemon tree, you could get an orange tree or a mandarin tree or a pomelo tree.


3. NO THANKS, "greendragon4343."

Spiders have 48 knees. I don't know why I remember it, I just do.

4. Wow this is definitely a useless fact, "SonicSingularity."

Ohio is the only US state that doesn't share any letters with the word "mackerel"

5. Oh my god, "humble_heroes."

Koalas have two penises

6. Wow, this is a bummer. "DepressedBard."


You have a higher chance of dying while walking to purchase a lottery ticket than you do of actually winning the lottery.

7. Woah, "thirstythunder."

If you eat a polar bear’s liver you will die from vitamin A overdose

8. Don't mess with swans, "MMMLG."

All the swans in England belong to the Queen.

9. Weird, "henryriver."

Armadillos always birth identical quadruplets.


10. This seems suspicious, "AntonySinz."

Lip skin and butt hole skin are the same type of skin.

11. WTF, "Barlus."

Female Hyenas have a psuedo penis that is used to basically trap the Male penis.

Nature is fucking scary.

12. Interesting, "Zmoods."

Almost all mammals larger than a rat take the same amount of time to empty their bladder, with the time averaging 21 seconds.


13. Same, "-eDgAr-."

Female dragonflies fake being dead to avoid unwanted male advances

14. Woah, "tragic_magic_world."

Each cat nose print is unique like human finger prints.

15. Yikes, "SoggyToast96."

Male crocodiles’ penises are always erect, they just retract into their belly when they aren’t near a female and ready to mate.


16. Ergh, "drlqnr."

an average human produces enough saliva in their life to fill 2 large swimming pools

17. But why, "Lpokm40."

the average horse ejaculate has about the same number of calories as a burger king whopper

18. RIP, meat "Tantricmac."

The Titanic had 75,000 pounds of fresh meat and 40 tons of potatoes on it

19. What, "Bryce_Tex."


One of the only natural predators of the adult moose is the killer whale.

20. Vital information, "ShadowGirl9."

"Booby trap" backwards is "Party boob".

21. Life-changing knowledge, "tellthetruthandrun."

A banana is a berry. A tomato, too. So is a watermelon. Eggplants and peppers? Yup, berries. Grapes and oranges? Both are berries. Cranberries and blackberries? Them guys too.

You want to know what’s not a berry? Strawberries and raspberries.