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22 of the funniest tweets about it being December 1st in 2020.

22 of the funniest tweets about it being December 1st in 2020.

2020 is finally almost over even though this year has been a nightmarish blur of panic-scrolling, Zoom meetings, and a seemingly never-ending string of bad news...

While most of 2020's problems won't miraculously disappear at midnight on New Year's Day, the start of 2021 is still hopeful. The holiday season this year definitely won't have the same traditions of overcrowded malls, sloppy office parties, last minute shopping and large family gatherings, as most families have decided to skip the risk of travel and celebrate virtually. New Year's Eve parties won't end at 4 AM after hours of dancing, but many people have still embraced the spirit of the holiday season even earlier than usual, as it's safe to say we're all pretty desperate for some cheer. Slap some lights on your dead house plants, everyone--it's time to blast Mariah Carey alone in your apartment in the same outfit you've been wearing since May.

While December is usually a time for reflection and setting new goals, maybe the healthiest thing we can do this year is just transfer our 2020 resolutions to 2021. If you got a whole lot of nothing done this year, don't beat yourself up! Not all of us had time to sculpt a six pack, become a bread baker, and open a kitten sanctuary. So, if you're having a hard time believing we've finally arrived at the last official month of 2020 even though it's technically still March, here was the funniest tweets we could find about the first day of December.

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