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22 people share a life-changing choice they wish they'd made sooner.

22 people share a life-changing choice they wish they'd made sooner.


While there isn't a secret manual to living a perfect, stress-free life, listening to advice from people who have made mistakes the hard way can sometimes help you dodge some serious professional or romantic bullets...

So, when a Reddit user asked, "What improved your life so much that you wish you had done it sooner?" people were ready to share the valuable life tips and tricks that would've been even more helpful if they had begun earlier. Note to self: floss, wear sunscreen, pay your taxes, sign a prenup...


I started flower gardening. Really relaxing, you will see results all summer, lots of sucesses and failures but failures bring improvements. And I listen to audible books while I'm at it sometimes. Especially great if you have a desk job. - Laura9624


Doing at least one chore a day. You would be amazed at how well getting something done, even if you hate it, can fight back against certain depressive mentalities, particularly the ones that convince you you're useless or are a burden. - Raetekusu


Getting a WFH 40 hour a week job. I was working like 55 hours a week in a warehouse before. So much room for activities - DrJawn

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