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22 people share the things they’re convinced everyone is only pretending to like.

22 people share the things they’re convinced everyone is only pretending to like.


Waking up when the sunrises to go jogging in the freezing cold, working 60+ hour weeks and calling it 'the grind,' happy hour with your boss, starting up a conversation with the stranger about the weather in the grocery store line--sometimes it's hard to trust whether anyone genuinely enjoys these things.

Judging other people for the things that bring them joy is usually never a kind or worthwhile habit. Just because you don't understand how your friend's favorite activity in this world is biking for hours every weekend through the woods but you can't stand swallowing flies while pedaling through a sore butt doesn't mean biking is actually horrible sport. Part of being a mature and complete person is broadening your horizons and stretching yourself out of your comfort zone, but sometimes it's necessary to confess that sleeping outside on the ground in a sack full of bugs isn't exactly the romantic weekend under the stars everyone tries to pitch when planning a camping trip.

Still, there are some common behaviors that we all accept as normal that make you wonder if there are some people out there who actually do prefer hand-dryers in public restrooms, the taste of straight vodka, vegan cheese, or black jelly beans. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What’s something you’re sure everyone is just pretending to like?' people were ready to share the things they've always suspected that nobody actually enjoys.


Employer's holiday parties - bubbles2pop


Hustle culture. Overworking every day, in every aspect of life, has to burn you out. I think it gets to a point of vindictive “I suffered and so must you”, as well as weird masochism. You can be successful while maintaining boundaries, erasing them just sets a new and unattainable “normal”. - miss_kimba


Shows like 'The Masked Singer' - Turquoise1720


Flat Earth Theory. I don't believe you. You don't really think that. You're pretending for the sake of obstinacy. - Earth_Exile


Outrage. Social media has turned pretended outrage into a spectator sport, and we don't seem to be able to look away. And yet, if you actually get any two people in a room together, without an audience to play to, just about anyone will get along with anyone. I make exceptions for actual psychopaths, but those are far, far less common than what Twitter would lead us to believe. - DeadFyre


Influencers. - Extension_Bee3776


Other people’s kids - macaronsforeveryone


Neighbors - ThroatFuknHedgeFunds


Working a corporate job and using phrases like 'manage client expectations' and 'circle back' and pretending to care about things that are absolutely irrelevant and meaningless to anything that actually matters in life. - Ambiguous-Insect


Vacationing with extended family. - anon_a-miss


Cake fondant. - ClockwiseServant


Working. - Crucis_Star


Running - suburbanherbalist


Waking up early in the morning to work out. - Stringskip


The taste of hard liquor that is not in a mixed drink - No_Yesterday_3344


Their health insurance policies. - DreamQueen710


Small talk. - AmberinAZ


Celery. Tastes like room temperature ice - Lonely-Intern


IPAs! 'It tastes good once you get used to it.' Why not drink a beer that just tastes good already? - RedditOGSalt


Children’s art - EntrepreneurCandid92


Bars or restaurants where nobody can hear eachother - claraclara000


People who like the Classic Christmas Fruit Cake - Heartfeltzero

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