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24 people share the everyday annoying things that drive them crazy.

24 people share the everyday annoying things that drive them crazy.


It's important to try and see the positive side to every situation, but every once in awhile we all just need to complain and whine...

A solid vent session can be healthy and productive every now and then to avoid letting your frustrations turn into something much, much bigger than it is. Did you really start screaming because of the dirty dishes, or is it something else?

When a recent Reddit user asked, 'What is the most annoying thing that happens to you each day that no matter how long you have endured it, it still bothers you?' people everywhere were ready to share their daily pet peeves. Go ahead, let it out!


Hearing my roommate eat. Dude sounds like a t-rex - maugisaiyajin


Feeling tired when I wake up. - Shrikeangel


Having a ton of options and none of them sound good. - aHobbyist


That there’s ALWAYS house work to be done. You can’t get ahead, it’s constant. - GravyxNips


That thing where you're listening to something in your headphones while cooking and the cord catches on a cabinet handle and they get ripped out of your ears and for some reason it feels like the most aggressive assault on the senses possible and you're instantly ready to square up with that cabinet - just_moss


Unnecessarily loud people, and other forms of pissing others off emissions like chewing their food loudly or dragging their feet walking - sun_of_darkness


People not letting other people off the train before entering it themselves.

People standing still on the 'walking side' of the escalator.

Yeah, I'm a commuter. - Marwinz


I’m a cashier. Have been for 10 years. I somehow still manage to smile and chuckle when things don’t scan and the customer tells me it should be free.

I hear it multiple times a day. It’s not funny. - Michello454


People that hit reply all to work emails that there is clearly no reason.... - Macarthur22000


People who can’t merge into traffic - Varvatos_Vex


When I make a typo, go back and erase, then continue typing and make the error again. By the third time I have to erase the typo I'll be slamming the backspace in frustration. - LoneCypress94


My cat refuses to pee in the litter box and will instead pee on the wall next to the litter box. It's so bad that I've taken him to the vet for it just for them to tell me he's healthy and that he's just an asshole. (Yes the litter boxes are cleaned regularly and I have literally tried everything to solve this) - Drazwaz


I have these two particular teeth that are just far apart enough that they get food stuck in between them every single time I eat anything. - bojeanerrs


My wife squeezes from the middle of the toothpaste tube. -dbeey270


Getting up in the middle of the night to pee. Sometimes more than once. I'm only 29 lol this has been going on since I can remember.

It's a real treat when it doesn't happen. -Sybellie


My wife leaves her tea cup next to the sink with just a little bit of tea in every day. Just enough tea that if you put the cup directly in the washer it would make a mess. - foxp3


When the corner of my fitted sheet pops off the mattress. Makes me insane and happens 4-5 times a night. -aheadinabox


Remembering embarrassing memories. - Wrong_Tshirt


People who don't indicate while turning or changing lanes. Still makes me experience involuntary twitches - Jax_Wivy


Sociatal preference to right handed people. Makes finding left-handed tools like scissors and can openers much more tedious and expensive. - Talc_Power


My cat following me into the bathroom every morning to cry at me and then use the litter box. All I want is a moment to myself, but noooooo....I gotta pee with my cat 🙄 - HotFudgeCookie


the toothbrush gag. every single day. you would think after all these years, i could keep myself from the brink of an accidental choking death. alas... - roundhashbrowntown


I’m working remotely because of the whole Covid19 thing. The only place I have to work is the dining room table. The only place I have to put the cat’s litter box is also in the dining room.

Every morning when I sit down to start working, my cat takes a big, smelly sh*t in the box. I swear she waits for me to sit down with my coffee before she goes.

Every. Morning. For the past two weeks. - ArrivesWithABeverage


I work on an ambulance, and my partner for the last year never fails to inform me that the red light has turned green within milliseconds of it changing. I want to force feed him a beach towel every time. Otherwise, great guy. - Jebronyke

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