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26 people share everyday experiences that make them cringe.

26 people share everyday experiences that make them cringe.


Whether it's shame or secondhand embarrassment, there are lot of cringe-inducing life experiences out there...

Sometimes someone does something that makes you want to crawl in a hole of embarrassment for them and sometimes you watch a recording or listen to yourself doing or saying something that makes you question every choice you've ever made. Hearing someone bomb a joke at party? Cringe. Watching someone at a restaurant hand a server an empty plate and say, "I hated it?" Cringe. Getting completely shut down when you go out on a limb and make a grand romantic gesture? Cringe.

When a recent Reddit user asked, "what things REALLY make you cringe?" people were ready to share the moments in life that send them directly into their shell.


Influencers asking for support during these times. - pataconesy


Self diagnosed psychopaths - rabidwalnut


When I remember my high school interactions in general. - greatplains35

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