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27 people share the 'green flags' that let them know someone isn't trash.

27 people share the 'green flags' that let them know someone isn't trash.


The concept of red flags is often batted around during discussions of bad romantic relationships and toxic friendships. After a falling out with a toxic person, it feels only natural to mull over the myriad of red flags we ignored when we valiantly rushed towards our own emotional destruction.

But what of the opposite experience, what are the small actions and traits that let us know someone isn't utter garbage, and might in fact be trustworthy and wholesome?

In a recent Reddit thread users shared the "green flags" that let them know someone is legit, and they range from very specific interactions to general personality traits.

1. misterguydude has a whole bulleted list.

"For me, I would say:

  • Is kind to strangers, for no reason, without saying anything about it afterwards.

  • If they've done a good job at something, are quick to point out how they were able to do it because of other factors/people (share the admiration).

  • Admit to things they're not proud of, and talk about how they've learned from those things (re-addressing past mistakes, re-affirming the need to improve).

  • Stand up for people when they're not around to stand up for themselves."

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