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50 of the funniest memes about surviving 2020.

50 of the funniest memes about surviving 2020.

We have a few weeks of 2020 left, which means it's that time of year where we look back on all the best-ofs from this past year.

While most years feel like a reasonable mix of good and bad events, 2020 has felt like a non-stop cosmic testing of our coping mechanisms and ability to survive terror.

Still, humans have expressed out resilience in one of the consistent ways we know how, through humor. So, while this year has been filled with several strains of collective grief, it has also been filled with collective laughter and solidarity.

So if you could use a laugh today, or a way to look back on the year without weeping the entire time, here are 50 of the funniest memes from the year 2020.


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