9 Facts About Kansas and Missouri.

9 Facts About Kansas and Missouri.

If you’re from Kansas or Missouri, you know the two states have a MAJOR rivalry.

This goes back all the way to before the Civil War, and people still can’t seem to get over it.

I’ve lived in both Kansas and Missouri during my life, and I think we can all agree on which state is superior.

Regardless of your preference, you’ll enjoy these facts about the two states in the heartland.

9. Mike Anderson turned his life around without jail.

8. Star Wars was worth a lot of money in 1983.

7. Kansas City, MO has a restaurant soup kitchen.

6. The first telerobotic baseball pitch was pitched from Kansas City.


5. There’s photos of a rainbow tornado.

4. This garage is a giant bookshelf.

3. A NICU in KC made Halloween costumes for their babies.


2. A camera in Kansas caught some strange stills.

1. Liberal, MO was originally a town for atheists.

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