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This cartoon about the Florida school shooting is making the internet weep.

This cartoon about the Florida school shooting is making the internet weep.


Vancouver-based artist Pia Guerra "felt helpless" watching the news of the Parkland shooting unfold.

Then, around 6 AM, she had an idea, she told The Washington Post.

"It’s not often that an image pops in your brain and you feel a lump in your throat," she told The Post. Guerra was moved by the story of Aaron Feis, an assistant football coach and security guard at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, who died throwing himself as a human shield to protecting children from the bullets.

In an editorial cartoon she called "Hero's Welcome," Guerra paid tribute to Feis' heroism.

"Come on Mister Feis!" a little girl says. "So many of us want to meet you!"

Feis is greeted by a crowd of children and adults that Guerra drew to represent victims of mass school shootings, including the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The drawing quickly went viral, and people shared with Guerra how they were very moved.

While many interpret Guerra's drawing to be a representation of Heaven, she told The Post that that is not her intention.

"After a tragedy, she said, she grows tired of always hearing about angels and heaven and the idea that the dead all end up in a better place," The Post reports.

"Wherever all these wonderful people are, they’re not here," she said.

For more of Guerra's work, check out her page on The Nib.

Sources: The Washington Post
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