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Woman tells sister to 'get over herself' after she throws Christmas fit over nickname.

Woman tells sister to 'get over herself' after she throws Christmas fit over nickname.


Childhood nicknames often hit differently when you're an adult. In some cases, a childhood nickname is a comforting reminder of the people who have loved you long before you grew up. But in other cases, they can feel regressive and even disrespectful.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for telling her sister to 'get over' her lifelong nickname.

She wrote:

AITA for telling my sister she’s not getting a new nickname and she needs to accept the one she has?

So, my siblings and I have an older uncle that we’re pretty sure doesn’t know our names. He calls us “the big one,” “blondie,” “the boy,” “the hag,” and “the little one.” My youngest sister is “the hag.”

When she was little she had a different name, I can’t remember what it is but when she got older she started to look exactly like our mom. He and our mom mess with each other and he calls her a witch or an old hag.

Then he started calling my little sister “the hag.” She didn’t mind it when we were younger. She used to join in the teasing but now that she’s older she hates it. She sent back his birthday present to her because he wrote 'the hag' on the label.

This Christmas gifts this year were labeled all of our nicknames except my sister’s had “the grouch” written on it instead of hag. My sister threw a fit.

She was yelling that all of us have nice nicknames except for her and this bulls**t isn’t funny anymore and he needs to use her real name if he wants respect from her. It was a really over-the-top tantrum.

Especially considering he got her the nicest gift out of all of us. I told her she needs to get over herself and realize that our uncle isn’t gonna change the names he’s called us since we were babies.

He doesn’t mean any harm by them, and she just needs to accept hers. Now she’s calling me a b**ch and my parents say I should’ve left her alone and want me to apologize to her to keep the peace.

AITA for telling her that she needs to get over herself and the fact that she doesn’t like the nickname he gave her?

The internet quickly weighed in on the nickname debacle.

Wickedlove7 wrote:

YTA. You literally say he isn't changing nicknames that you've had since babies. Yet he has changed hers several times and they aren't nice.

She might look like your mom but she isn't your mom so he shouldn't be taking their inside jokes out on her. He is an AH and so are you. Who cares what gift he got her? Are you mad about the gift or mad that she no longer will have a crappy nickname?

GirlyInTheGreenScarf wrote:

How much you want to bet that OP is “Blondie?'

PittieLover1 wrote:

'My sister threw a fit. She was yelling that all of us have nice nicknames except for her and this bullshit isn’t funny anymore.' Your sister is spot on. Her nickname is cruel and awful.

'I told her she needs to get over herself….he doesn't mean any harm…she just needs to accept hers...' Says the person who doesn't have an offensive, degrading, and insulting nickname. It's not funny or cute when it's done at someone's expense.

Maybe she should start calling him 'Little Willy' or something. YTA and so are your uncle and your parents for not sticking up for your sister and telling uncle to knock it off.

BadBandit1970 wrote:

YTA. How would you like it if she started calling you 'the b**ch'? That's her nickname for you, and sorry you just have to suck it up because she gave it to you. WTF is wrong with you siding with an aging, a**hole bully anyway?

GreatSoulLord wrote:

That's...kind of a cruel nickname, don't you think? I'm confused why you're not standing up for your sibling. Weird uncle might not mean any harm (supposedly) but that doesn't change the fact that what he's calling her is harmful.

Weird uncle is unintentionally (or intentionally?) being a bully. Yes, YTA. No one should put up with that. An Uncle that can't (or won't) learn your names is weird enough but why let your little sister's self-esteem be in jeopardy?

miyuki_m wrote:

YTA. She does not have to accept an insulting nickname. Period. It's not funny and your uncle should have stopped the moment he realized she was hurt by it. Instead, he doubled down with another insulting nickname.

Clearly, the internet is on OP's sister's side, so the question at hand is why OP is so invested in 'The Hag' sticking as a nickname?

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