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Anderson Cooper hosted three of his doppelgängers on CNN. Twitter is dead.

Anderson Cooper hosted three of his doppelgängers on CNN. Twitter is dead.


For most of us, it's bizarre enough to come across a photo of someone who strongly bears your resemblance. Even the act of listening to a stranger describe your doppelgänger in detail can cause a mini identity crisis. So, we can only imagine the existential dread that hit Anderson Cooper when he hosted three doppelgängers on CNN on Tuesday.

I highly doubt Cooper sat down at his desk and planned to host three of his own doppelgangers, because who invites that identity crisis in their life?! Nonetheless, the three guests all appear to be parallel universe versions of Cooper (although arguably he's the most handsome because being conventionally attractive is kind of his thing).

Just, look at how uncanny this photo is.

HOW ARE THEY NOT ALL WRIGGLING IN THEIR OWN SKIN?! If I was Cooper, or any of his guests, I would immediately "fall sick" just so I wouldn't have to look at a funhouse mirror of my visage. It seems so uncomfortable.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had a heyday with this quad doppelgänger situation.

They also weren't too kind to Cooper's guests.

In fact, the whole scenario legitimately freaked Twitter out.

One doppelgänger is terrifying and strange enough, but FOUR in one television screen?! That's the plot to a horror movie. This image gives grown Children of the Corn vibes.

Twitter wasted no time before roasting the image.

This situation does feel plucked out of a sci-fi comic book.

Reasonably so, people also noted the quad doppelgänger situation is statistically more likely when a network is hosting lots of white men.

The real question at hand is, how did this make Cooper feel?!

The world may never know.

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