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Barista asks if she was wrong to quit job without notice over manager's meat 'prank.'

Barista asks if she was wrong to quit job without notice over manager's meat 'prank.'


While most people give their employers a warning before walking out in the middle of the shift in an epic display of inspirational rage-quitting, not ever boss deserves a professional exit...

So, when a conflicted employee decided to consult the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the As*hole' about how she quit her job, people were quick to help deem a verdict.

AITA (Am I the As*hole) for walking out on my job with no warning when I’m one of the only employees?

For context, I (F18), have been working at this coffee shop for over two years now, I close 4 days a week with only me and one manager left to run the store from about 2pm to close. The other three days a kid (M16) closes with a different manager.

This is about the only staff we have excluding the owner (who will never close), another kid (M19) who can only work day shifts do to collage, another kid (M18) also works days and does night classes, and a grown man who works in the back baking all morning and has another job in the afternoon making him only available in the mornings. So they very clearly need me working there with them.

I’ve been there for a while now and i really don’t mind the people, they can be a bit rude sometimes but I’m super shy and don’t talk much anyway so I stay out of everyone’s way and just get all my work done. Anytime I've worked with my manager she tells me about how I’m the best employee she’s worked with and she likes how I just get stuff done.

Fast forward to a week ago, I went inside of work on one of my off days to say hi order a coffee and get a sandwich, I am a vegetarian, I've struggled a lot with food and being able to eat enough for my whole life and I always had a hard time not getting grossed out when eating meat, so I stopped and my relationship with food got much better, so I ordered a grilled cheese and got my coffee and left.

I was driving away and I went to take a bite, I take one swallow and it’s fine. When I went to take another I felt a super gross texture and I instantly spit out my food and pulled it apart, they put chicken in my sandwich,(they know my diet and what I normally order), I was so upset but thought it was a mistake so I took the loss on the $3 sandwich felt a little gross and moved on.

The next day when I went into work, when I get there there is normally a shift change so I get to see my other coworkers as they leave. I was talking to a guy in the break room while getting ready to work and he was about to leave.

I casually made a little joke about how I’m never coming to this place after after they got my order wrong (just trying to mock rude costumers) and I told him about my grilled cheese I ordered and how it came with meat.

He laughed and told me that it was actually our manager that made me that and it wasn’t an accident, she wanted to “pull a prank” on me and make me try the chicken cause she said it’s delicious and she even gave it to me free of change anyway.

After he told me what she said, I packed up all my stuff took my hat and apron off and told the manager what I heard, how I'm done, and how disrespectful that was to do.

I’m still getting calls and texts telling me how rude it was to leave with no two weeks notice and how much this shows that I'm just petty and can’t take a joke. They are so short-staffed now they close early and I know it’s affecting business. So am I the a*shole?

Pulling pranks on your employees is generally unprofessional, but messing with their dietary preferences seems...illegal?

Not sure what universe this boss lives in where she thought it'd be 'hilarious' to force a vegetarian to eat meat, but she could've made her employee sick. It's not funny to mess with someone's food, but if you're going to, it definitely shouldn't be someone you heavily rely on for your business to function.

Of course, people were quick to weigh in on this 'prank.' Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say:

NTA (Not the As*hole). What she did is food tampering. I believe that is against health regulations and can be a crime in some places. - Hangingoutwithyou

NTA. Not having enough employees is the owners fault. The prank wasn't harmless at all - YDHmanC1

NTA. Two weeks is a courtesy, not a legal requirement. This establishment stopped deserving your courtesy when your manager played a prank on you forcing you to eat something you don't eat. - rainyreminder

NTA. You manager deliberately disrespected your boundaries concerning what you eat. It’s not a joke if you don’t find it funny. Also, they got called out and didn’t even try to apologize. They know they’re short-staffed, and they’re still treating employees like that?

If they can’t respect a dietary choice, you can’t trust them with more complicated workplace issues. Your ex-coworkers should stop harassing you and block their numbers. You don’t have to work at a place that doesn’t make you feel welcome. - Independent_Pie_5999

So, there you have it!

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this young woman wasn't wrong to bail on her job on the spot. Her manager doesn't deserve the courtesy of a two weeks notice. Good luck, everyone!

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