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Bride asks if she’s wrong to break childhood promise to cousin that she would be maid-of-honor.

Bride asks if she’s wrong to break childhood promise to cousin that she would be maid-of-honor.

The traditions involved in planning a wedding can sometimes be more stress than they're worth...

Forcing yourself to agonize over choosing your favorite friends and family members to stand next to you in matching clothes is the adult version of Myspace's "Top 8" drama. It's easy for couples getting married to get lost in the flower-fueled frenzy of cake designs, dinner seating charts, ceremony aisle runners, and elaborate arches while forgetting that the whole reason to do all of it is to celebrate the commitment they're making to each other.

So, when a concerned bride decided to consult the internet's moral compass also known as Reddit's "Am I the As*hole" about whether or not she should uphold a childhood promise to make her cousin her maid-of-honor, people were ready to help.

WIBTA (Would I be the As*hole) if I broke my promise and took away my “maid of honor’s” role?

So the day I’ve been dreading arrived….I[27F] am engaged. Just kidding, I’m over the moon about that, but I have great anxiety over who to “pick.”

Throughout childhood, I had two cousins around the same age as me that are really important to me. On my maternal side, I have a second cousin, “Margot”[26F] who grew up 2 doors down from me. On my paternal side, my cousin, “Danielle”[27F] lived on the other side of the country but we always talked on the phone, even with the time zone difference. Growing up, Margot and I were always in competition/proximity to one other so we always butted heads (as all little girls do) so Danielle and I were much closer. When I was 10/12 (or around that age I guess) I told Danielle that I wanted her to be my maid of honor since I didn’t have any siblings and we were so close.

As the years went by, Danielle and I grew apart. We still saw each other every Thanksgiving and all the family reunions, but we weren’t speaking to each other for months. Meanwhile, Margot and I got close after all of the childhood rivalry and competition subsided. After high school, we went to the same college and our relationship was even stronger.

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