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Bridesmaid asks if she's wrong to want coat at 20 degree wedding; bride is roasted.

Bridesmaid asks if she's wrong to want coat at 20 degree wedding; bride is roasted.


Weddings are a place to celebrate love. But if you're a bridesmaid, they're also a place to wear very uncomfortable outfits for hours on end. While many brides take the comfort of their close friends into account when picking out bridesmaid dresses, others get wild with their choices.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a bridesmaid asked if she was wrong for asking to wear a coat at her friend's wedding.

She wrote:

AITA for asking to wear a coat in sub zero temperatures at a wedding.

I’m new to Reddit but was chatting with a friend and she said I had to write this. I’ve been asked by a close friend to be a bridesmaid for her wedding. We’ve been friends for years and she’s usually fairly calm. But the wedding is this weekend.

It is in rural north of England (very north) and the temperatures are set to be -4 (degrees centigrade) with highs of 1 degree. This is COLD. we are wearing thin, viscose Ghost dresses and open-toe shoes.

We’ve been told we are absolutely NOT allowed to wear coats throughout the whole day since it will “spoil the photos.” I’m genuinely dreading this wedding now since I am quite thin and feel the cold horribly. I also am worried for my health!

When I asked about alternative plans due to the super cold weather she just basically told us all the lump it. Help. AITA for causing drama this close to her wedding? Will the photos be ruined?

All the other bridesmaids were very silent on the WhatsApp group so that wasn’t very helpful either!

Sunny_Hill_1 wrote:

NTA, and your friend is being ridiculous if she expects you to stand around all day in a thin dress in -4 degrees.

TheDudette840 wrote:

I Googled, and for the Americans here, this is 24.8° farenheit, just FYI. WHO PLANS AN OUTDOOR WEDDING IN THIS WEATHER. I'm sorry for yelling.

The_A**hole_Judge wrote:

NTA. Let her know you need a coat or you will have to drop out. Risking hypothermia is not worth it.

Ok_Nose_8313 wrote:

NTA. Bring a coat that is on the nicer side anyway, I have a feeling this bride will change her mind very quickly when she actually has to stand outside in sub-zero weather and have her picture taken.

Anovadea wrote:

NTA - Point out that the blue hue of your skin while you freeze for photos might clash with the colour scheme.

Diligent-Activity-70 wrote:

She chooses lightweight dresses and open-toed shoes for a December wedding and then is upset that people want weather-appropriate clothes?

I think people have gone too far caring more about pictures rather than people's comfort when it comes to weddings.

NTA. Keep a nice coat with you and don't worry about 'ruining' her perfect day. I'm sure the bridal party having hypothermia or frost bite would be worse

After receiving a massive outpouring of support, OP wrote an update:

UPDATE: Aw thanks everyone. Well, at least lots of people think I’m NTA! I will pack my emergency bag with shoes, socks and scarf. I have my hand warmers and thermal leggings. And I will signal to my partner when I need to be rescued.

All the comments about corned beef and blue lips made me laugh too! It’s not going to be a good look and I hope she sees sense. Thanks Reddit!

Clearly, the bride, and potentially a few of the passive bridesmaids, are the only ones who don't think this plan is madness.

Sources: Reddit
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