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People noticed something 'off' about Britney Spears' new Kenzo campaign.

People noticed something 'off' about Britney Spears' new Kenzo campaign.


While there is much unrest in the world, her highness aka the pop princess Britney Spears has been still doing well for herself.

She's still out here making music and performing for throngs of fans, making weird holiday videos about her romantic relationships, and even branching out into painting.

To add to her long list of projects, Spears is the face of the new Kenzo campaign, or so we're told.

You see, both fans of Spears and the luxury fashion brand have their doubts about the whole ordeal.

Basically, when people saw the campaign photos featuring Spears rocking 80s-style Kenzo jeans, they thought she looked a bit "off."

When Spears herself shared the campaign photos, many had questions about her slightly different visage.

Was this a matter of photoshop and overdone airbrushing? Has Spears recently undergone plastic surgery (in which case it's really none of our business)?!

Or, much like Avril Lavigne, has she died and been replaced with a Hollywood clone name Melissa?

What do you think -- too much photoshop or a full-blown Spears CONSPIRACY?!

It's hard to imagine Spears being fully murdered and replaced by a clone. But maybe, just maybe, she has a body double who does some freelance photo shoots so she has more time for dancing?!

If more photo shoots of this nature turn up, we may need a full investigation.

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