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Carnival cruise turns into a 'bloodbath,' passengers call it 'cruise from hell.'

Carnival cruise turns into a 'bloodbath,' passengers call it 'cruise from hell.'


A Carnival cruise turned into a true vision of violent hell during its 10 day voyage in the South Pacific, when a series of brawls broke out and transformed the vacation into a vision of unchecked brutality.

The Carnival legend eventually booted a large family group off the cruise, and placed them in a smaller boat before docking in Australia on Saturday. While it's still unclear if there was a precise moment triggered the brawling, several of the passengers said the large family arrive on the cruise ship looking for trouble.

Fellow passenger Kellie Peterson told 3AW, “They were looking for trouble from the minute they got on the ship. My husband said to take it away, because there’s kids here, and five of them surrounded my husband. They told us to watch our backs."

Another passenger noted a confrontation that blew up after they accidentally stepped on someone's show.

"This is all over a thong (flip-flop sandal) - not a foot, a thong being stepped on," another passenger told 3AW. After the passenger who stepped on the thong apologized, the owner of the shoe started to feud.

A few of the outbreaks of violence have been captured on camera and surfaced online.

According to Peterson, the violence got so bad many passengers chose to stay in their rooms because they feared confrontation from the unruly guests.

"Fights have been going on for a few days now. We're scared. We've been told to watch our backs by this group so we're scared to go anywhere alone in the ship. We can't wait to get off," Peterson told radio station 3AW.

To make matters worse, the security crew on the ship did not handle the situation well. As evidenced in the videos, there were several reported instances of security getting in on the violence.

Passenger Michael Haddara told The Herald that security guards waved broken bottles at passengers as an intimidation tactic, and "put handcuffs around their hands, as knuckle dusters."

As evidenced in the videos, several security staff members also attempted to confiscate video footage of the violence.

“The actions seen on the video by our security team are not in line with our Carnival values and policies. We are conducting a full investigation and will take appropriate corrective action as necessary," a spokeswoman said in a statement.

The cruise line offered all guests aboard a 25% credit to make up for the issues, barring, of course, the 23 violent guests that were kicked off the boat.

"We sincerely regret that the unruly conduct and actions of the passengers removed from the ship in Australia may have prevented our guests from fully enjoying their cruise," Carnival said in a statement.

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