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Couple gets yelled at after throwing dog's poop in random person's trash can. AITA?

Couple gets yelled at after throwing dog's poop in random person's trash can. AITA?


Dogs can be wonderful friends that bring a lot of love into your life and open up your world.

Unfortunately, they also poop on the sidewalk, and as the human 'in charge' it's up to you to grab the dirty and dispose of it. In cities, it's not hard to find a corner trash can to empty the droppings.

But in more suburban or rural areas, you might find yourself carrying poop for blocks at a time. The discomfort and 'ick' factor of this can lead to some quick problem-solving.

In a popular AITA post, a man asked if him and his wife were wrong for dropping their dog's poop in a random person's trash can.

He wrote:

AITA for putting a bag of dog poop in a stranger's trash can?

I have a lovely 2-year-old Golden Retriever. She is full of energy, so she gets a lot of walks. I try to be a responsible dog owner. I always pick up her poo, even if it is nowhere near other people's homes.

My wife and I brought the dog along to visit friends in an east coast Florida barrier island/beach community. Nice, quaint, nothing fancy. We walked the dog, and naturally, the dog pooped.

My wife had a bag, and picked up the poop. We walked on. About 4-5 houses down, there was a large, standard community-issued, garbage can at the edge of the road. The lid was half up, as it was quite full and ready for pickup.

My wife deposited the tied closed bag-O-poo into the can. A man mowing his lawn at the house next door (it was not his trash can) went off. He ran over and yelled at my wife: 'You're disgusting. You can't do that.

Why would you put your dog's waste (his term) in someone else's can.' She said: 'it is a garbage can. People put nasty things in garbage cans. That's what they're for.' He harassed her until she took it out.

Is my wife (am I) the a**hole here for putting a tied bag of poop in a stranger's street-side garbage can?

People quickly gave their two cents.

stuffnthangs13 wrote:

YTA. I personally hate people putting their rubbish in my bin, especially dog poop. Edited to add, we have a dog and we take her poops home to our own bin.

MagneticDoorKnob wrote:

Soft YTA. I have a dog too so I get it. I don't want to carry around his poop longer than I need to. It's fine to throw their poop in public dumpsters and trash cans. It's rude to throw it away in someone's personal bin.

You and I signed up for dealing with dog poop but our neighbors didn't. They shouldn't have to deal with it on their property.

MortalSmile8631 wrote:

YTA. I have a dog as well. I have thrown bags of dog poop into my own bin, and sometimes they break due to being pressed against something else in the bin.

When that happens, you get dog poo smeared inside your bin that will stink and has to be washed. Suggestion: There are some awesome and cheap dog poop bag holders you can buy on amazon and just clip it to your leash or treat pouch.

That way, it's easy to carry it during your walk till you can toss at a public trash bin at the park or at home in your own bin.

Almo827 wrote:

NTA, I have a very different take on this. Personally, I couldn't care less if someone sticks their dog poop in my trash can, that is out by the road in front of my house. I pay the city to use the city trash can.

Everyone in my city does. It's not mine. I think it's a different story if you walked straight onto the property to dispose of the dog poop. But the way I see it, if it's by the road, go ahead and put your dog's poop in there.

I'm not sure I will ever understand why it's such a big deal to put trash in a trash can that is about to be picked up.

runningaway67907 wrote:

YTA if that was their private bin, it can explode if it's not properly in a large trash bag with other trash.

While there are some split answers, it's mostly unanimous that OP and his wife are TA.

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