Yes, this is a statue to Baphomet, an occult/satanic demon/devil man/goat whatsit/thingamajig. No, it is not actually being worshipped. Yes, it's a snarky free speech thing.

I feel more comfortable with the kids next to Baphomet than next to the priests in many Christian statues. (via Facebook)

First things first, yes, the organization that paid for this statue and has been working hard to get it displayed is really named The Satanic Temple. Yes, this statue was really unveiled in Detroit this weekend in front about 700 people. No, it wasn't on state grounds (though they would have preferred that), just placed in an old industrial building. Yes, supporters yelled "Hail, Satan!" when it was unveiled. Yes, about 50 Christians turned out to protest and pray (at what turned out to be a decoy location).