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Donald Trump Jr. posted a mega weird photo of his dad. Twitter is traumatized.

Donald Trump Jr. posted a mega weird photo of his dad. Twitter is traumatized.


For most people, Friday night is a time to knock back some drinks with the friends and decompress from the work week. Unfortunately for everyone online, Friday night is an entirely different event for the president's oldest son. Last night, on the night most people would be out dancing, Donald Trump Jr. posted the weirdest photo of his dad, and it makes matters creepier when you consider he kicked off the weekend sharing photoshopped photos of his dad. What is life?!

Behold: whatever comic-themed portion of hell is being exposed here.

Unsurprisingly, once the traumatizing piece of daddy-themed fan fare was shared, it immediately sent shivers down the collective spines of Twitter, Instagram, and any human who beheld it.

There's actually entirely TOO MUCH to unpack here.

Why does Superman suddenly have a beard?! That's not canon. Also, WHY is Trump Jr making his dad swole?! Please, no.

It's hard to decipher if it's more or less creepy if Trump Jr. summoned a friend or assistant to photoshop this visual blasphemy.

Can you imagine asking someone to photoshop spandex pecs onto your father?! Please say no.

If you haven't suffered from nightmares in awhile, having this image etched into your brain should do the trick.

People on Twitter are also understandably livid at the misrepresentation of Superman.

There are millions of constituents who don't want to see a buff bearded Trump photoshopped as one of their comic book heroes.

Hopefully you have wine, ice cream, or loved ones nearby so you can effectively cope with the aftermath of this image.

It bears repeating, the psychology behind photoshopping a low-key sexy picture of your dad is beyond disturbing.

Sweet dreams, if you can ever get yourself to sleep again!

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