The 6 most bonkers moments from Trump's NRA convention speech.

The 6 most bonkers moments from Trump's NRA convention speech.

President Donald Trump spoke at the country's finest celebration of murder weapons, the National Rifle Association convention in Dallas, Texas. Trump was among friends, because like him, the NRA is being investigated for being bankrolled by the Kremlin. In a room that was declared a gun-free zone by the Secret Service, Trump talked about the dangers of gun-free zones.

Here's the worst of the worst.

1. Trump briefly forgot that he was president.

He, um, is the president, right now, as we speak.

Gun rights will never be under siege if he's president, but gun rights are under siege, and he's the president.

Wishful thinking?

2. He thanked Kanye for his support, claiming that his support has now doubled in the black community.


No one man should have all that power.

Oh, and still no word about the Waffle House hero, James Shaw, Jr.

3. Trump wholeheartedly endorsed Ted Cruz, despite the fact that his dad killed JFK.

4. He roasted former Secretary of State John Kerry for breaking his femur, because what else would you do in a speech about guns?

Wow, he got a crowd to boo a former Secretary of State who isn't Hillary! He's really expanding his repertoire.


4. Trump mocked gun control regulation by bringing up cars and vans, which are heavily regulated and need a license to operate.

To get a car, you first have to take multiple tests and get a license, and your insurance rate skyrockets if you kill someone. Those would be some cool policies to apply to guns.


5. Trump bashed immigration again, because if you welcome foreigners, you hate the country.

6. He made up the "fact" that mass shooters are "cowards" who wouldn't go into a building with an armed guard...even though Stoneman Douglas High School had an armed guard.

Kyra Parrow, a senior at Douglas, was not impressed.