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Trump once publicly humiliated Rex Tillerson over salad.

Trump once publicly humiliated Rex Tillerson over salad.


Rex Tillerson's tenure as Secretary of State died as it lived: in an absolutely humiliating fashion.

The former oil exec was apparently fired by Donald Trump via tweet, and if you think that's the most humiliating thing he endured, it gets worse.

The Wall Street Journal heard this anecdote from sources and it's deliciously bad:

In a private room in China’s Great Hall of the People in November, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sat with President Donald Trump and other U.S. officials as their hosts delivered plates of wilted Caesar salad.

Mr. Trump, in the midst of a five-country tour of Asia, grew concerned the untouched greens would offend the Chinese, according to people familiar with the matter. So he ordered Mr. Tillerson to start. “Rex,” he said, “eat the salad.”

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