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Donald Trump's old Yankees tweet is still a home run in 2017.

Donald Trump's old Yankees tweet is still a home run in 2017.


If America's learned anything in the past year, we've learned there's a #TweetForEverything. Regardless of whether the news cycle is teeming with mayhem or joy, if you comb back far enough through Trump's twitter, there's inevitably a tweet that addresses current events.

This rule applied on Saturday night after the Houston Astros beat the New York Yankees 4-0, effectively blocking them from playing the World Series. Once the game was over, someone on Twitter managed to dredge up a Trump tweet from 2012 that was creepily on the nose.

It really is bizarre how prophetic some of Trump's evergreen tweets are.

Even the anti-Trump trolling from 2012 feels very 2017.

It really is uncanny how Trump's account has a tweet for everything.

In a perfect world, this wouldn't be a game because he would neither be president, or culturally relevant. But since we're currently stuck in hell, it's fun to muse at the horrific accuracy of his old tweets.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Trump's vault of evergreen commentary is how succinctly it exposes his hypocrisy.

Now, if we could only find the perfect meta tweet predicting his impeachment.


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