15 fabulous bathing suit selfies that prove every body is a bikini body.

15 fabulous bathing suit selfies that prove every body is a bikini body.

Beach season can be a real doozy. Not only do you have to keep the sand away from your vagina at ALL COSTS, but there's also an enormous amount of societal pressure to have a flawless body.

The ideal of a flawless body pushed by the media often includes clear it looks like liquid, a complete dearth of stretch marks and cellulite, and models who've been airbrushed to look skinny while still having curves in the right places.

This is just not the reality for 99% of us with bodies, and that's completely fine! Our bodies are still juicy powerhouses with the capability to knock our enemies out, have sex, eat good food, and all of the important activities.

However, even the most confident among us can easily feel bombarded by unrealistic images of women luxuriating in floss-thin bikinis. So, it's always refreshing to see women claiming the beach on their own terms.

I have gathered swimsuit photos from a few fabulous women who are reminding the internet that every body is a bikini body.


1. Ashley Graham

When they call you 'brave'..

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Ashley Graham is the patron saint of criticizing toxic beauty standards while also completely owning her babe status. Her Instagram is basically a wonderland full of cute swimsuit pics.

2. Coco Curve


Coco Curve is always ready to flaunt what she has while reminding other women to not internalize all the objectifying messages of the beauty industrial complex.

3. Jenna Benoit

The Instagram user Jenna Benoit is NOT here for all the messages that manipulate women into thinking only one body type can rock a bikini.

4. Allison Kimmey


Hey babes!! This is a repost of an important conversation I had with my daughter that subsequently reached over 18 million people. While it has been an amazing learning tool for adults - I have chosen to use this moment as an opportunity to create a body confidence children's book. ⭐️⭐️I am seeking an illustrator for the book that has a passion for BoPo and spreading the message of self love to children. ⭐️⭐️ This is a low budget self-published passion project, trying to do my very best with limited resources! I am looking for fun, colorful and whimsy, not too lifelike, more of a cute cartoon character that's sweet and charismatic. I would love it to be a young woman that is really fun to work for possible future collaborations as well. If you're interesting in submitting a sample to be considered as the illustrator for the project please send portfolio of a visual illustration of my daughter and I, like in this photo, using the contact button in my profile along w a short bio! The premise of the story line is based on this conversation: ❣️IT MATTERS HOW WE TALK TO OUR DAUGHTERS ABOUT OUR BODIES! ❣️ Today while I was laying at the pool with my daughter: Her: "Why is your tummy big mama?" Me: "What do you mean baby?" Her: "These lines, mama." (Pointing to stretch marks on my tummy) Me: "oh those are my stretch marks!" Her: "Where do they come from?" Me: "well when I was a little older than you, I got some stripes when I grew really fast! And some of these stripes are from when I had you growing in my tummy" Her: looking inquisitively Me: "They are shiny and sparkly, aren't they pretty?" Her: "yes, I like this one the best, it's so glittery. When can I get some?" Me: "oh you will get your glitter stripes when you get a little bit older baby!" They are listening. They are asking. And it is up to YOU to help them shape how they will feel about these things! Will you continue the shame that society has placed on you? Or will you teach her a new way of love? I choose love 💕💕💕 Just do you Xoxo Allie

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The author Allison Kimmey is very intentional about setting a body positive example for her daughter. Kids, she says, are waiting for adults to give them cultural cues, self-hate is taught.

5. Jessica Kane

The fashion blogger Jessica Kane is exhausted by the concept of her body being "brave" and duly points out experiences that are actually brave in contrast. Wearing a swimsuit, she says, shouldn't feel like a radical act.


6. Ash Soto

The artist Ash Soto has reclaimed her vitiligo by painting her skin into a work of art, the result is stunning.

7. Jessica Weber


The Instagrammer Jessica Weber has been super open about the ups and downs that come with the weight loss process. Your body changes in so many ways it can be hard to adjust sometimes, but Weber is adamant about maintaining self-love through the changes.

8. Sassy

Sassy is all about modeling confidence to her daughters, and she is killing it in this deep-v.


9. Sabrina Servance

I'm fat and my boyfriend is white. Get over it. There are far worse things happening on this planet. This constant conversation about health is absurd. What does that have to do with my swimsuit? What does it have to do with how my boyfriend loves me? Absolutely nothing. You look at pictures of me and assume that sit around eating and doing nothing. That's untrue. But what if I did? It is none of your business. The thought of a happy fat person bothers so many people. And it's stupid. I had an eating disorder for many years. I ruined my stomach trying to lose weight. And I lost weight. I was still plus size. People still called me fat. And the people who DID say I "looked amazing" had no idea that I was fainting from being hungry. That I would go home and cry myself to sleep because I couldn't take it anymore. That I wanted to die because I was so depressed. But I "looked amazing". Yet inside I felt like trash. I was doing what people wanted. I lost weight and lost myself. I will NEVER go back to that. I love myself so much now. I fought really hard to become the Sabrina you see today. I'm not the ideal standard of beauty. And I will never be. And I don't ever want to be. I'm my own kind of beautiful. And screw you if you have an issue with my happiness. I lost a lot of time living for others. That I can't get back. But I can keep living for ME. Please live. Please fight. DO YOU!!! #findyouraddison #confidencetakestime #iamwhatsunderneath #body4me

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Sabrina Servance is NOT here for the ways fat people are shamed and expected to have unhappy lives, and she fights those attitudes by living her absolute best life.

10. May Touma


According to May Touma there is no wrong way to have a body, so might as well take that beautiful vessel to the beach, yeah?

11. Megan Crabbe

BREAKING NEWS: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT TO BE WORTHY OF WEARING A BIKINI THIS SUMMER. · I know that goes against every 'Get Beach Body Ready!' message you're seeing right now. Trust me, I used to believe those messages too. I used to spend every single summer starving and sweating to get the body on the left, telling myself that I was only allowed to be seen in swimwear once I'd hit that goal weight (and even once I did, it still wasn't enough). Not once did I ever hear the message that you don't have to shrink your body to deserve a summer in the sunshine. · Which is why I'm telling you now, so that you know the truth: you do not have to lose weight to be worthy of wearing a bikini. · This year I didn't set a goal weight to hit before my holiday. And I didn't sit by the pool sucking my stomach in and worrying what everyone else thought about my body either. I just went. I laughed and played and ate and swam and wore every damn bikini I own without changing my body one bit. And guess what? It was so much better than all the self hatred filled holidays that came before. · Because the only thing I really needed to lose through all those years wasn't weight. It was the bullshit idea that a bikini body is something that you have to earn, when in reality I had one all along. We all have bikini bodies already, and we all deserve a summer in the sunshine. 💜💙💚🌈🌞 #bodypositivepower

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Megan Crabbe shared how she's able to actually enjoy the beach now that she's not spending all of her energy scrutinizing and hating on her body. Once you climb on the hamster wheel of self-obsession, no weight loss is enough to fill the void.


12. Simone Mariposa

Simone Mariposa is absolutely slaying and she 100 percent knows it. This is an attitude many of us would do well to adopt.

13. Alysse Dalessandro


Alysse Dalessandro has been loving swimsuit season ever since she started sprinkling the rim of her margaritas with the saltiness of body-shaming haters.

14. Katrina Brown

Katrina Brown shared her very first foray into the land of two-pieces with her Instagram followers, and she knocked it out of the park.

15. Rachel Hollis


The mom blogger Rachel Hollis is all about embracing her post-baby body, and she simply glows.