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Florida shooting survivors drag trolls who accuse them of being actors.

Florida shooting survivors drag trolls who accuse them of being actors.


The survivors of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have been mobilizing to make sure that students never have to experience such horror ever again.

In addition to organizing and marching, they also absolutely own on Twitter.

Because the world sucks, their new status as activists has subjected them to the huge right-wing conspiracy and smear machine, as people from Twitter trolls to the president's son have insisted that the passionate teens in mourning are "crisis actors."

That's right, schmucks are calling "fake news" on these children's grief, insisting that some are FBI plants and others are merely performing for the cameras.

Reporters have asked the teens what they make of this, and they did not hold back.

Douglas High senior Diego Pfeiffer said, "I want to go to school for musical theater—I would love to be an actor—no joke. But honestly, the people here, and the people that we left behind, the people that are no longer with us, they are not acting. They are dead...and to have other people tell me that my grief is not real, that I'm just acting it out, I would love to be that good of an actor.

Emma Gonzalez, whose speech directed at President Trump on Saturday went viral, said it was comic relief.

Student and March for Our Lives organizer Cameron Kasky cited his performance in Fiddler on the Roof to prove he's not an actor.

He also sarcastically "revealed the truth" about his classmate David Hogg.

Adam Alhanti has an impressive resume.

Sam Fuentes called on conspiracy theories to look her in the face.

Olivia Feller said, "they're making excuses because they can't believe that students can be so eloquent and educated on these issues."

They're powerful activists, but at the end of the day, they're also just teenagers who know how to absolutely rule social media.

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