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Florist shares the most annoying things entitled customers do every Valentine's Day.

Florist shares the most annoying things entitled customers do every Valentine's Day.


Being a florist any day can be an intriguing glimpse into people celebrating some of their happiest moments in life or mourning some of their darkest, but all bets are off on Valentine's Day.

So, when a florist decided to vent to the internet about the Valentine's Day blues on one of the busiest shifts for the flower business, people paid attention.

They started their post off with: "Valentine’s Day as a florist is always very…interesting."

1. Cheaters show their true colors on Valentine's Day as they described this awkward sales interaction:

Some men will ask for help finding a bouquet of flowers for their wife…and more help finding one for their girlfriends.

"Could I have a standard bouquet of roses for my wife of over a decade who birthed my three children and also a six foot horse made of gold-encrusted flowers for my girlfriend I just met three weeks ago? Thanks so much!"

2. Even though it's obvious that customers are shopping for their partners on the holiday of romance, some people can't resist shooting their shot with the person quite literally making their partner's gift.

Some guys will flirt with me while picking out flowers for their wives.

Sure, flirting is fairly harmless and nobody knows the details of someone else's marriage...

Just because someone is wearing a wedding ring and shopping for their spouse on Valentine's Day doesn't necessarily mean their relationship is monogamous. However, flirting with someone who is simply trying to get through their shift at a retail gig creates an inappropriate power dynamic.

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