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Girl pretends lima beans are drugs on Snapchat. People hilariously believe her.

Girl pretends lima beans are drugs on Snapchat. People hilariously believe her.


People of the world, meet Twitter user Trillmami. When she's not crafting fire tweets, she's also a student.

Here's an adorable photo of her posing with a therapy dog.


When she had an unusual amount of lima beans for a biology project, she thought it'd be funny to make a Snapchat pretending they were MDMA (also known as Molly). Much to her surprise, a follower on Snapchat got legitimately confused.

Check out this 10/10 exchange:

Is this real life?!
Is this real life?!

This begs the question: are there people wandering the earth who are unware of the existence of lima beans?! Or does this person just think it's a new street name for a rave drug?

Naturally, when she posted the interaction on Twitter, people were dead.

Given this exchange, she could start a side business selling lima beans.

She wouldn't have to worry about the cops busting her either. A true win-win on the entrepreneurial front.

To be fair, lima beans WOULD be the healthiest drug trip a person could ask for.

So healthy they wouldn't even feel like they were on drugs. This could also function as a sleuth intervention method for addicts.

She's quickly become Twitter's favorite drug dealer.

She's definitely the most popular lima beans dealer in the game.

As of yet, she hasn't gone through with a sale.

This just means she's a better person than most of the internet. But her biology experiment is going well, which is what really counts.

I have a feeling the internet will be collectively thinking of Trillmami the next time we eat our lima beans.

Such a healthy and wholesome alternative to getting high.

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