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This girl's dog stole her mom's phone and shot the best video ever made by a dog.

This girl's dog stole her mom's phone and shot the best video ever made by a dog.


When we truly allow ourselves to pull away the veil of self-deception, we must admit, domesticated dogs are essentially hostages trapped in our homes for friendship. While there are endless arguments defending dog ownership (most dogs wouldn't survive otherwise), it feels only natural to wonder: what are dogs thinking deep down?! Do they secretly wish to escape our codependent clutches?!

The Twitter user Annika Bobb caught a beautiful glimpse of her dog's psyche when her mom sent a video of the dog making an attempted escape.

This dog was fully set on grabbing that phone and living its best life, and honestly I'm rooting for it 100%.

The dog's alluring breathing patterns and avante-garde camera angles reminded several Twitter users of another viral video.

Babies and dogs do have the cuteness in captivity thread in common.


The dog's foray into film-making took the internet by storm.

Wes Anderson better watch out, his next movie is made by humans about dogs. But soon, the dogs will be making the movies about humans.


This video is truly a gift that will keep on giving all weekend long.

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