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27 gun control signs that say what all of us are feeling.

27 gun control signs that say what all of us are feeling.


Saturday, March 24th is the March for Our Lives, the worldwide rallies organized by the survivors of the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School. Here are some clever, powerful, and devastating signs that captures what the country is feeling onto a small piece of poster board.

1. "The only thing easier to buy in America than a gun is a Republican senator."


2. "You can put a silencer on a gun... but not on the voice of the people."


3. "Your complacency & greed is funding domestic terrorism."


4. This meme IRL.

5. "I want to read books, not eulogies."

6. "Our lives are worth more than your guns."

7. "Two things too easy to buy."

8. "As a black boy, I just hope that 1 day I have as many rights as a gun."

9. "One child is worth more than all the guns on earth."


10. "If you own a gun and have children, which would you prefer losing?"


11. "Lives over bribes."


12. "Arms are for hugging."

13. "This right here is an active voter drill."

14. "18th century laws cannot regulate 21st century guns."

15. "They protect the guns to keep the funds with no regards for our fallen loves ones."

16. "Fix this before I text my mom from under a desk."

17. "Doest thou suspect my power? Oh, I am armed with more than compleat steel: the justice of my quarrel."

18. "The NRA can no longer call the shots."

19. "If I die in a school shooting lay my body @ the NRA's feet."

20. "Make our schools safe again."

21. "Thoughts and prayers don't save lives."

22. "Guns have more rights than my vagina does."

23. "They say the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, but that just sounds like someone trying to sell two guns."

24. "Was the blood of my classmates worth your blood money?"

25. "How many more?"

26. "Mental illnesses are global, mass shootings are American."

27. "Rage against the machine guns."

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