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Guy's post asking if he can charge his girlfriend for snacks backfires after she discovers it.

Guy's post asking if he can charge his girlfriend for snacks backfires after she discovers it.

Money is one of the most stressful factors to navigate in a relationship, and it's consistently cited as a reason for divorce and the breaking up of long-term relationships. Whether you're dealing with different spending philosophies around money, you come from different socio-economic classes, or one partner feels tired of always footing the bill, it's sadly all too easy for money to place an emotional wedge between otherwise loving partners.

Nonetheless, like most relationship issues, it's always healthiest to communicate about money differences head-on, rather than beat around the bush and let resentments or misunderstandings grow.

In a recent post on the subreddit Am I The Asshole, a guy posted about his financial concerns with his girlfriend, and it hugely backfired on multiple levels.

"WIBTA if I tell my girlfriend she needs to bring her own food to my house and pay for the food she has eaten?"

He started off his post by clarifying how much he loves his girlfriend, and that she's been an incredibly generous partner both financially and emotionally.

"I want to start off by saying I love my girlfriend and I’m scared that if I give her this rule or expectation it will make her feel unwelcome at my home. We have been dating for awhile now and she’s always been courteous in asking to eat or use my stuff, she doesn’t eat much so I always gave her the okay. After she had spent a week at my place I told her she doesn’t have to ask me to eat my food on day 3 since she would always ask before she ate, she doesn’t eat much since she’s smaller but I didn’t take into account that a handful of granola, a bowl of yogurt, and a banana every day would stack up after awhile."

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