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Guy accidentally steals and medicates a stranger's cat. Twitter is tripping out.

Guy accidentally steals and medicates a stranger's cat. Twitter is tripping out.


Most of us have heard urban legends about people taking the wrong baby home from the hospital only to later have a revelation that it's in fact NOT their child (check out the ABC show Switched at Birth, it slays this plot line). And while this equally rare and riveting scenario deserves shine, what about the well-meaning pet owners who accidentally switch out their cat? Where is the love for the pet parents who accidentally replace their baby with a dupe? Well, the love is on Twitter, that's where.

Our tale of furry doppelgängers, drugs, kidnapping, and psychological drama and confusion all starts on Twitter, where user Clarke Gayford first shared on his friend's wild story.

Can you imagine spending over a $100 on a cat you THOUGHT WAS YOURS, only to see your real boo thang prance on in?!

To be fair, telling these two cats apart is a legitimate struggle. It would be different if cats wore clothes, because you could be like "Oh Fluffy has his goth collared velvet number on, and Pauline is obviously wearing Eddie Bauer." But cats are naked, so when they look alike it's a true struggle.

Apparently, the man had noooo idea he had the wrong cat until the neighbor came knocking.

Seriously as of today, this man is maybe my favorite person?! Besides my mom and Sigourney Weaver.

Even the vet didn't know they were different cats.

BUT WAIT, we haven't even gotten to the best part of the story! Apparently our New Zealand hero noticed his neighbor's kidnapped cat was acting strange, and the vet prescribed anti-anxiety meds.

Soo, this means he not only kidnapped a cat, but he also drugged it. This is like a G-rated cat-themed episode of SVU but with no rape, and a more Candid Camera style plot line. (Okay, completely different but you understand my vibe).

For those worried about the trauma the poor kidnapped kitty endured, the neighbor sent an update and he seems to be doing fine.

Apparently, the cat has been doing alright post-kidnapping. Although it'd be safe to assume the anti-anxiety drugs played a hand in that.

Twitter was fully tripping out over this story.

Netflix needs to make a movie out of this, it'll put A Dog's Purpose to shame.

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